Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Act like it is a hit!

This one I got from my friend Jay Frank, he has a saying around a song "To have a hit, act as it already is".
Yes, this business is actually a lot around illusions. People are flocking around a thing just they think it's going somewhere. Many times the artist is a bit afraid to do this. You should never lie, but you should not tell the bad things.

We did a German tour in some small bars and on the way home we played at a gasoline station in Denmark.

Not so fancy.

We did a great European tour with several dates.

Much better. The trick is that all the other is doing the same so you need to keep up whatever the other people are doing. In fact what the industry is looking for is a thing that is larger than life. In reality, it won't really be that way, but keeping up appearances actually will get you to the place where you live someone else larger than life thing.

Yes, your next song is a hit, until it's given out and proven to not be a hit. Until then it is a hit. There are so many people that will tell it's not but hey those people said that The Beatles was too many.

In many ways it's what you build up before then you deliver that counts. So I'm off to release my trailer for my next Vlog, that surely will be a smash hit among my Vlog fans on Facebook.

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