Monday, February 4, 2019

What is professional?

It's a jungle out there with artists and people working in the industry. All call themselves professional. The problem is when are you professional?

I just saw an interview with a company that just collect old hopeless cases of musicians. And to some they really are professional for me they are more a hobby thing with very limited knowledge.

I guess some people think the same about me. A small player that just get around with smaller indie bands. And in both these point of views, they are correct.

As an artist how is it possible to know what is what? Both I and the other company can be in someone else eyes be described as the big thing a professional company.

In some ways, a certificate would be good. Nowadays the schools let those out quite easy.

No, it's not easy for an artist to know which level they are on. And almost impossible to know what a company is capable of until they tried it out.

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  1. Wow! This really touches a nerve with me Peter.
    As an American-educated "professional" who works in Bulgaria, this standard of definition makes no sense locally. If you can divide the term professional in our industry in fields like: standards (mode) of operation, knowledge and base for comparison, keeping up with the changes in laws, tech, and tendencies, and not least of all leadership and guidance for rookies - is describes an almost never-ending process, rather than a position that is to achieved. The same way an artist is just as good as their last gig, we're just as good as how much we've improved the careers of our artists and ours as well.
    In Bulgaria I have been told many times that "this is not the US" (like I haven't noticed) and that the same professional standards that apply across the pond, do not apply here. They are the real professionals, and you are an amateur.