Monday, February 18, 2019

If you have shit music you have to do twice the work!

I just going through my mailbox and found emails in the bottom of my inbox from bookers I meet on a festival I did in the autumn.

From this festival, I got some really good bands that I followed up myself and got booked. Then there was some really crappy ones. Well, three crappy ones. The usual avantgarde noise crap stuff that is just artsy fartsy and has no real value. To be honest I think I could go up on a stage and actually do it better. Still, the taste differs so what I don't like someone else might do.

There is a way through to see that these acts are crap. The booking girl is actually taking the really long route trying to nag these in. She followed up the day after the festival. She has asked if we listened to the CD:s. She has sent new into of the performances we saw that they filmed and have on youtube.

I mean this girl work hard to get these bands in. That is also telling me that she has a really hard time to get them somewhere. If you are good the opportunity comes along anyway. If you have crap you have to go the extra mile or two extra miles in this case.

In the end, I will not take the bands anyway, it's just crap. I just wished that the girl was spending time on something that actually gave something back.

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