Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Take chance on me.

I have an artist friend really complaining that he never got any chances. The industry was never giving him a break. If he just got the chance he would show what he was made of.

The nagging went on and on. Suddenly I had the opportunity that he had been nagging about. Since he had been talking about how he needed it I sent off a message telling a bit what it was and we should take a meeting to discuss further.

In my world, this is an easy one. You are presented what you been looking for, I would jump on that. But not him. He had great trouble to find a time to meet with me. Okay, I'm a busy person and travel a lot but I gave him three different time slots.

Since this what he sought you usually arrange so you can take those meetings. He just came back with excuses like he had to watch his children on Saturday. On Monday he had to go his normal job. Thursday was hard since his best friend had a party.

I just gave up and told him to tell me a time and we can see if he could match it.

Of course he never really came back with a time. I just remember it since I just saw him in a post on Facebook going on that he never get any breaks from the industry.

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1 comment:

  1. Those stories never get old, and that's why there will always be managers and conferences...