Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Listen to your own songs, and recommend them.

It's kind of usual that artist not admitting that they listen to their own material. They don't look on their own videos. Mainly the excuse is that they have listened to the song so much in the making they got bored with it. Well, I have listened to my favorite songs thousands of times and I'm still not bored.

Another thing is that the artist is embarrassed to recommend their own songs. I have to kickstart my artist to do promotion of their next single.
In fact, you should recommend your songs, tell us about them, the process they are done. Don't just do it when you are doing it. Tell us later as well.

Don't expect everyone also to jump on and listen to a song just because you said it once. No, it takes a couple of times and some other things to get to the point to listen to a new track.

So don't be afraid to tell people to listen to your work.

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