Thursday, February 21, 2019

Risk is part of the game.

If you start a company you have to in most cases invest money. Let say you have opened up a small shop selling clothes. It goes pretty good. Suddenly you get an opportunity to get a good spot in the top of the busiest streets in town. You also get to double your floor space. It's a great opportunity. Of course, you need to invest in the new store if you took the space. You would have to buy more inventory, hire more staff and with expansion, you have to do PR for your new location.

A lot of work and risk as well.

You can be safe just keep your old shop and just keep going. Or take the chance and start something bigger.

Would you expect the landlord of the new space to get you the store free from rent in 6 months? I mean you take a risk by moving there!

Of course not, and most didn't think that would work. In the first place, the landlord doesn't give a damn of your risk. He has space and takes a risk by not having it rented out. And you are a risk too. If you fail your expansion you might quit and he has to look for another tenant and that can make him lose money.

This is pretty simple stuff, huh?

Why on earth is that so hard to grasp around an artist career? Yes, you need to invest to make your career bigger. The more risk the faster. No risk at all and you keep it on the same small level.

Think about the big store as a showcase festival. No, they don't want to hear your whining on investment. They can easily replace you like the landlord can choose tenant. Yes if you are important its a different story. If it is an apple store being opened the landlord probably can let it go free in a couple of months for longer contact. But you are not, you are the small store getting an opportunity.

Can the landlord tell you that it will be risk-free to move in? Or if it is the best choice?

Of course not. It's a risk that the street change and people go in other directions. Or people buying things online and they won't visit your store. No one knows if it is worth it, it's a gut feeling. Best choice? Well, maybe you get an offer from an even better location pretty soon. But it has taken you four years just to get this offer, so it's not likely that it will happen. Same here you have to have a gut feeling.

Same with a showcase festival. No one will know ahead what the outcome will be. You have to have a gut feeling, a mind to take a risk and be a doer to get something done.

No, we don't care that you take a risk. The day you have grown big the less risk you have to calculate. But stop nagging around it. You don't hear shopkeeper going around complaining around the risk they take. To them it's natural. It should be natural for you too.

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