Tuesday, February 19, 2019

This industry is 100% or nothing.

Is it possible to have a Skype with you on Saturday? The whole band can be on than on other days we work.

I can't meet that time because I pick up my kids from school.

We can't play there I have a family vacation to attend.

I have seen so many variations on these sentences. All tell me that your career is just not in the focus, something else is occupying your life. 

It might sound harsh to tell someone to give up their children to make a career. It is, and you should not do that. What you have to understand is that you can't make it so do it as a hobby. What the industry is looking for is the people that want it so bad that they actually give up kids, family, work to be on that stage.

Also if you have a job where you can't get off for 20 min for a important phone call. I bet you are in deep-shit when your career starts and you have to ask to be away for weeks.

Or even that you ask for my advice its not important or prioritized enough to take those 20 min off.
What i read it, it tells me direct that you don't have what it takes. To many think they can work a little bit until it becomes so big that you can live out of it. Sorry its not the case, then it is a hobby and stays a hobby. 

It's all or nothing. Its better you stay on your safe 9 to 5 work and get your life around that.
The industry don't care if you are picking up your kids on day care. They don't want to have meetings on the weekend just because the band is free then. They will not adopt the tour schedule around your kids birthday.

When you are at the top you can get this. But to get there you just have to give all or nothing.

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