Monday, October 1, 2018

Motivation Speakers

I don't know I'm in a split here between if motivation speakers are good or not. Of course, a really good motivational speech can really deliver some reactions and get the audience in a good spirit. at the same time, most of the people doing these speeches actually don't have that kind of success. I had quite many getting to me to get on my festival conferences and in most cases, they failed in the normal way but got something else.

And that is like most of the people that work in the music industry. Almost anyone is a failed musician. You played in a band and then happened to stay and do work for the record label/booker/publisher etc and that is also a way to stay to work with music.

Also, motivation is just not all. in the end, it has to be good for people to consume it. Even with the most positive drive and enthusiasm you can't get to the bigger things if you're not good. So when the speaker is like "you can do it" and there is mainly people in the room whos product really is not up to date, well I don't know if that is so good.

So I try to see these inspirations speakers before I book them. The hard part is that no one is actually booking any of them to their conferences.

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