Monday, October 8, 2018

The artist worst enemy, is the artist themselves.

 - I don't get why people stop come back to me after I have to give them a new price?
The quote is from an artist on Facebook. An artist that the whole business have learnt is a pain in the ass to work with, she needs a haggle longer the guy at the bazaar to book her. Of course, now the most experienced people have stopped booking her because they know and don't have time for it.

Someone said, "the artists worst enemy is the artist themselves". In so many cases it's true. You can see many very talented people just walking around having different collaborations all the time but never keep them. After a while, you get a feeling around these people to stay away.

The main problem is that they seek out people to solve a problem, for example, booking. When the new person starts to book they start to interfere. The booking are not cool enough. They should be paid more. Why can't the person not book to the biggest festival in Sweden? And when it comes to the easy obvious ones the artist take themselves and brag that they are doing better themselves.

Of course, people then leave. And the artist seeks out a new one. In the end, practically everybody knows and the artist has a hard time to find a new person. Also even if the new person try the rumor has spread even to the people they are approaching.

Ruin your own career like this is more common than you think.

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  1. My 2 cents: And that's where managers come in - to protect the artist from themselves. The victims too need to develop a stronger gut instinct about certain artists or bands, or other music pros. Otherwise, it's a giant waste of time. It's not that the rest of the them aren't assholes, it's just that they are not the right assholes for you.