Tuesday, October 9, 2018

You can't run from your past.

I got a call from an artist on the distro side, I know I don't work there anymore. Still the artist had my number and in some cases, I can help.

- I want to take down my first album.
- Sure we can do that. Is there a special reason?
- I come with a new album in two months and I feel the first album is really not me. The new stuff is so much better.

This feeling is very dangerous. Of course, the artist always feels that the last thing they did is the best. Unfortunately, it's very rare that it is the best. In fact, the audience is in charge of judging that.

So take everything old down every time you release new is just asking to crash your career.

I mean your life is full of things that maybe you are not so proud of. And yes it would be really nice to just be able to go back and erase them. At the same time, these are the things that is you and it will not work to erase them.

And so many of your favorite songs that would be erased by artist if it was possible in the real industry to do this. Many classical hits is probably hated by the artist themselves. They can't be taken off because in the real industry to many other is involved in the process and owns part of copyrights.

So try to take things off is the most stupid thing you can do. Also if you succeed they will reappear and then you can't control them. Also it's impossible to control what the audience should think.

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