Friday, October 12, 2018

You release your songs to early.

In an interesting interview with Steve Van Zandt. Much right as well one of the big issues with streaming and that you can release something almost instantly is that most of the releases are not finished. They are on the stadium of the demo, not in the quality of recording more about the development of the song.

In the Beatles era, they had the chance to test songs on audience live over and over. After that producers and record label people also said their stuff, then they recorded. Right now many use the release as a testing ground where they almost never go back and finish the product.

I see what Steve sees that we are heading back to the live stage. A ground where you can see directly in the eyes of the audience what is going on. My guess is that we soon will have more bootleg live recordings that will be classical in the future.

It is a new world we are adapting to.

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