Wednesday, October 31, 2018

The record deal make it go backwards.

We should get a record deal! Said the band. Oboy here we go again was my first thought.
I usually ask back what should the record labels do? So far I really never got a good answer. The myth is strong in this case. The record label mythical will fix your career and you get more fans can tour etc. It would take you forward.

And it was true, twenty years ago when they controlled the gateways. Yes, there was a structure then and you needed them to get your music out. Today to get your music out you can upload it yourself with the same effect as them.

Today the gateways are free. You have the same power as a record label to reach people. They are up against the same hard work as you do. So how do they solve that? Money!

Yes, you need Pr money in this new world. And if you are a world artist like Kate Perry the record labels would put a lot of money on your career and do a lot of jobs. 

But you are not Kate Perry so that will not happen. Instead, you are more trapped than ever.
Since you are so small what most labels provide nowadays is problems. Suddenly a bunch of people wants to have their say around your songs, your look, your career. On top of that they don't contribute to anything it's mainly just talking. And all this talk and thinking will slow you down.

Most of the time a record deal is a step backward, not a step forward.

So should we just don't work with labels?

No, you need them, but you are on them too early just because you think they build your career. You need to build your career yourself until they approach you with a deal. When they approach they will have things to contribute with, and then it's a step forward.
I guess the error is that when and where you seek them out.
Before you seek them out to develop you.
Now, you develop and they come around when you reached a certain level.
Then comes the problem. When you reached that level do you really need them? Or would it be a step backward?

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