Thursday, October 11, 2018

When are you what you say?

When are you what you say? My friend Boyan hit on the spot for this post.
Today anyone can just print a business card and become a manager, booker, record label. Still, you are just a manager, managing your own band or a booker that just done two gigs or a record label just giving out two songs on SoundCloud.

So we all know success is part of the equation. At the same time, you must start somewhere.

I remember when I had my record label and was very nervous to meet the big established labels. Today I see the same labels as quite amateurish and most laugh at their attempt to build up stuff.
But I bet my ass they still see me still like the small label guy.

I the beginning I felt I hadn't had enough experience to call my company a record label. But after my first cd, it was a milestone. And back then it was, today it's so easy to give out something that giving out is not counting.

So I have some hold points to measure, not if you are what you are, more witch level.
You live on your work as a label, manager or booker. That is a very pro level.
You are focused. Over a period of time you have given the project 100%. That is prospect level.

Everything under is mainly hobby. And boy do I see so many people with no focus at all. Today's problem it's very hard to see this on just one meeting.

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