Friday, October 19, 2018

Don't do surgery on yourself.

If you buy a new car would you learn all about it? I mean I hardly read the manual (witch just prove I'm a damn stupid stubborn white guy).
Or if you buy a brand new Nord keyboard would the first thing be to pick it apart to understand how it works?

I often write it's better to do things than just sitting around. At the same time in some cases, it just goes into a frenzy. Yes, you need to understand how to use the car or they Nord Keyboard and it functions. Same with most of the systems in the music industry. You understand how to use them, not pick them apart.

In the quest for the independent artist, some go too long and try to pick the whole system apart. The other day it was an artist that wanted to know which databases and servers their song passed to get to Spotify. Or how the different payment system works on Itunes.

In many of these cases, they overdo the quest and in that process destroy vital functions. In a way when you have picked the keyboard to pieces and put it back together som functions stopped working so you now have a broken keyboard.

Tthe reality is you have to choose. Either you work with music, compose, record and be an artist. Or you want to pick all apart be an industry professional. Being both is like to try to do surgery on your self, you can do it, but not good.

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