Thursday, October 18, 2018

Unlikable cunts

One of the memes I saw a couple a days ago was:
I think a lot of folks assume they are hated for their sexuality/race/gender when they, in reality, is just unlikable cunts.

You can easily translate this to the music industry:
I think a lot of folks assume they lack of success is because of men/hidden power structures/lack of channels to be heard/ when they, in reality, is just writing and producing crappy songs.

I just get approached so many times with people just assuming that the product is perfect just because they think that, their friends or their mom. When in reality the reason you won't get that festival booking, radio rotation or following and music don't pay off is that the song is crap.

Here is my dilemma. Should I tell them that the song is pure crap? In reality, it's only my opinion. On the other hand in most of these cases, it would be the majority of the industry that agrees with me since when it's really crap it's kind of easy to distinguish.
It's pretty obvious the cases when people try really hard and still fail in kind of easy takeouts like being booked or getting the bigger chances that it's down to the product.

Second is also that they are either surrounded by yes sayers or just don't listen to people that tell them that the song sucks so my tip-off would just get me in the line of people who don't get the music/are old/is part of the hidden structure agenda.

Also, we have created a society where things like this are not ok to say. We should all be winners.

Another thing is that they usually have a kind of weak mental health. Nothing wrong with that. But definitely, you don't want to be the jerk to send this person in a deep depression by crushing their work. At the same time, you just prolong the agony. It's a fact the person is doing crap songs.

I meet these people in panels when you give advice that builds on that you have a good product. Just there the advice just becomes useless since the criteria are not there. If you then try to go back you get the attitude that yes the product is perfect your advice is not good enough.

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