Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Genre shitmusic. We are not a genre, we play what we like!

Well, when people say that I put in them in the undefined shit genre. There you have the artists that are just artsy fartsy and think it's a good reason to be in their own genre.

In fact, when you listen to these band they usually fit in a specific genre better than a band that says they fit pop. They are afraid that the genre would lock them up. Instead, it's this thought of freedom that locks them up in the genre shitmusic
You are free to play a folk song on a metal concert. One of Sweden’s most famous punk bands did that and was very successful. Still, you are mainly metal so the genre would be that anyway.
If you change the style on every song you play you are in the vaudeville genre, so you are still in a genre.

You will be placed in a box whatever you like it or not. No point of fighting it. It's a way for people to describe what you sound like, it's not stopping you to play what you want to play.
So pick one of the main genres is probably gonna get you more freedom then saying that you don't fit in any genre.

Most artists that still claim to be so special that no genre applies to them usually sound the same so many that work in the industry knows what I mean by the shitgenre.
Here they play every song as different as possible. The strange part is that that make them sound like the others who do the same. In fact, they are so many that it is a genre to say you're not fitting a genre.

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