Tuesday, October 16, 2018

It's a job not a tourist trip!

I wanna go out party! The warrior cry of any band going on tour to a big city.
Suddenly the thing that you are there to work is just out of the window.
If you pay a lot to get to a place your there to work not do touristy stuff, still that is what many do as a mistake.

The band comes in and get shit drunk and won't get up to get meetings. And are still hangover when they should play their gig.

In a way, the rock n roll myth comes in. People actually think that the stars that become stars do this kind of things. In reality, no, the new industry is so much harder and stars that would do that won't survive.

Same as just miss things for shopping or other things. You're there on a job and if you aren't able to squeeze the fun stuff in, well then it will have to happen on your own vacation.

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  1. This happens all the time for CEE artists - they are so happy to be anywhere that they also forget "why" they made the trip to begin with. Ou, Fireball and SoCo - interesting mix :D