Friday, October 26, 2018

The small details

The small details that give it all away. So many think they have the perfect show when these things give it away on a showcase that you aren't ready.

First, you think you would have the perfect sound and keep line check on your gig time and the audience has to listen to half a song. The pro-ready just keep on going and starts the show and keep going, and fix the errors during the gig.

Second, between the songs the whole band stops and start doing things with their amplifier, guitars and god knows. Then an awkward silence is there and the entertainment stops. The pro let the show go on. One entertains while the other do their shit.

Three, the talk between the songs sucks. This is one of the easiest things to notice when an artist is not ready. They do things like present the band, or say "how are you tonight" or "this is our latest written song and it's about..."  worst is when they start to excuse the song because they have never played it live. Excuse yourself or your music is never ok.

Then also leave the damn guitar ringing in feedback when they go off is so damn amateurish.

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