Tuesday, October 23, 2018

Reise, Reise...

I'm on a plane to Japan, yesterday I was in Canada a week before that in the USA. It's my third year with heavy traveling. My third year of heavy investment to build a network to be able to promote and bring artists to the world.

Many still think that a record label is a way to get out there. Or a booker or just a manager. To tell the truth, if you had all these three lined up and all very excited and put all their resources on you, yes you can make it.

The problem is that is a bigger chance that you win 40 million on a lottery (which would make it possible to do it more easily).

Over the years when I have been working these things I have seen so many of these companies not be able to do a shit, even though they have names and are important. Most of the time is that they can do stuff in their territories. Still, you need the bigger coordinator.

So all this work all these years is to build up a very strong coordinator that no one has seen before. A coordinator that can reach the whole world.

Usually, my projects run for three to five years. So I'm at the end of the system and is now in the making of the first case. It's exciting.

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  1. Good for your partner! Show us how it's done so that we may hope to follow in your footsteps :D