Thursday, October 25, 2018

The rules of export.

So you gonna export your music? Here are some things to have in mind when you calculate a export success.
First of all export is about coming back. Doing a trip once to a country is like thinking your career should only be one gig.  Unfortunately many see the trip as a exciting adventure and some vacation. Adventurous it can be but you are here to work and network to get your second opportunity in the country you export to.
There is really no time to sightseeing,  and if it is well you should promote by taking new promo pictures or even shoot a simpler video.

There is also a timelimit for it, if you haven't been back in a year the thing was not that successful. Same here it's like calculate that you should do a gig every third year in your homecountry.

A good start is to go to the country and check with out any concerts first so you have a small network to invite when you get your first promo gig. Then when you do your gig you expand. On top of that you expand. This is why you really can't do all in once. You need to be focused on certain territorys at different times.

Don't forget also to update the contacts you got during your visits during the rest of the year.

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