Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The manager graveyard.

You can spot them for miles. The enthusiastic manager that just got into the game and has signed its first band and now promoting the shit out that in every way they can. Of course, you don't want to take off their happiness but running around like a headless chicken won't really take you anywhere. It's all a long long game it's not a sprinter race it's a marathon.

These people just last in 2 to 3 years then they are burnt out. The rule is that the first project you work on will not succeed. It's very rare, and the same with bands. Check with any famous artist and ask if it was their first band. I only know two that said done that and that is the bass player in Weezer and Topper in The Clash.

There is too much to learn to make it on the first one. The obstacles are too high but with knowledge, you can get over them and in the end but that never happens with the first round of artist (yes these managers usually have like three artists they sign, witch none is up to actually make it).

The problem is that they didn't get that chance to learn properly and don't hang in. In the end, they need money and get to work on the government programs (in sweden you have this massive graveyard of these careers). In some cases they just pass down all the error they did in these programs.

In this case yes, I write about you, I know many of these people read the blog. And yes you didn't keep the work going and tried a quick way and now a government lackey.

Also, many of them become bitter tastemakers in different variations.

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