Friday, September 28, 2018

Numbers that dosen't matter.

Numbers, numbers, and numbers. People still think numbers matters. In some cases yes, but in many cases no.

Like a successful showcase is a filled gig room? I get that a lot. It was a great gig, it was packed with people. That is good but in this case, it depends on witch people. If it just a bunch of new fans and the room takes 150 people, hey not that good.
Is it 150 people that will affect your career? Supergood. But usually, that packed gig can be the reason that person that change your career never got in and missed the whole thing. So filled showcase, numbers not needed.

People interested in something. This you hear a lot, we have several record labels interested in us.
Good but no one has taken action. If you have one million people interested but no one to act on it the number is useless.  It's enough with one and they take big action to be much better.

Followers on social media. If you have a million followers but no one cares about your posts, they are useless. Actually, ten thousand followers that care about all your posts is tremendous much better.
So having 64 million passive listings on Spotify is not good. It's better with a million active listeners.

The point is many of the numbers people are bragging about mostly empty useless numbers if you look closer.

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