Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Oh, we are back to the sharks again. They pop up a bit here and there. This time it was one of my bands that just sent out a good single. Suddenly it came a mail from some dude that said that he could break them a record deal. They just had to pay the shark 2000 dollars upfront.

First, why do you need a record company? Well, a good one you can use, but anyone?
Here is the point the band is so good so it's not hard to get a record deal, the problem is to get a deal that put a lot of money into PR. And like I wrote around yesterday they don't have any numbers or things that are close to bringing in that kind of money. In the end, this shark maybe will find a label that just signs a paper release some songs and waits for things to happen? Worth 2000 dollar, don't think so.

So I look up this shark, and yes he has worked in the music industry. Yes he has worked with some big names. But nothing before 2010, to be honest, nothing big since 1995. that's before the internet, cell phones, and everything. I would easily question this guy knowledge of today's industry. he is old an has not done that much in the new world.

The festivals he also mentioned to visit to get the record deal, are the ones that are just totally out and just used by old people from the industry. Just here it smells fishy.

So I went to my secret weapon Linkedin. Yes if you searched him you had some mutual friends, still all that was mutual is old dudes that I know from the 90:s. No one of these is important today, yes they are names but not in the new economy that is building up now.

Ohh I really want to out these sharks and one day I will.

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