Thursday, September 20, 2018

Are you really put everyting on your career? Boring things..

Right now I feel I have this communication with several people in several layers. No, the post is not about you even though it touches the subject. This week I just dedicate the blog to the most common things that are pretty good sign that you are not putting everything on your career.

I get so many times that people are really serious about their careers. They are doing everything to get a spot with the stars. They are really putting everything on it. They want to know how to get to "the next step".
At least that is what they say.

Yes, your career will be full of boring things! And you will be the one who is doing them. So many artists talk how much they work but as soon you get to the boring stuff like updating the homepage, going through email lists and getting gigs suddenly there is no time for that.

Too many are just prioritizing the fun stuff. What that differs, but sitting in the studio recording music is usually one of the more fun stuff. Promote that music later is not that fun, but essential.

If you really are putting all on your career you will even do the boring things with a smile. You will be so interested in the whole process that you sit up all night just working on it. I know myself I was on the tip to burned out just because I loved the whole process so much that it was no stop to all the stuff I wanted to do.

Still, it's a very big problem that you just want to focus on parts of the career. One of the most common things is that the cool stuff is alright like shooting a video, photo shoots and hanging in the studio is the most favorited ones. In the end, they are the small parts of what is needed to put everything on your career.

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