Friday, September 21, 2018

Are you really put everyting on your career? Obstacle

Right now I feel I have this communication with several people in several layers. No, the post is not about you even though it touches the subject. This week I just dedicate the blog to the most common things that are pretty good sign that you are not putting everything on your career.

I get so many times that people are really serious about their careers. They are doing everything to get a spot with the stars. They are really putting everything on it. They want to know how to get to "the next step".
At least that is what they say.

One thing to see if they really are putting in the time in careers is to see how they look on obstacles. So you won't write perfect songs! Are you ready to move forward to co-write with others? Or even worse get songs for songwriters just to perform?

If you find the right solution to move forward you are putting the time in your career. Too many are just stubborn to try to keep a broken thing to work. I seen so many careers go to hell because they artist couldn't get into their head that tehy wouldn't write good enough songs, or just need to change the style.

You maybe need to kick out that producer that you are best friend with? Yes, the one that is going for a career is willing to get around the obstacles instead of getting stuck there. In retrospective, you hear a lot of these stories how the artist that failed blame someone else. In reality, if you look closer it's usually because they didn't want to get around an obstacle.

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