Monday, September 17, 2018

Are you really put everyting on your career? Showcase...

Right now I feel I have this communication with several people in several layers. No, the post is not about you even though it touches the subject. This week I just dedicate the blog to the most common things that are pretty good sign that you are not putting everything on your career.

I get so many times that people are really serious about their careers. They are doing everything to get a spot with the stars. They are really putting everything on it. They want to know how to get to "the next step".
At least that is what they say.

The problem is that people don't get how much you have to spend on your project to succeed. It's not about finding the right people to involve. It's all about how you work and how hard you really want it.
The answer will still be that yes they really want this and it's the only thing that occupies their mind.

Still just with a couple of small tests they fail at the first step.

The first is usually not take the chances. You give them an opportunity to play at a showcase somewhere on the other side of the world. Actually, they have been nagging for a while that they are ready for the big leap and playing abroad would be a cool thing. Of course, this is not the easiest task so it could take some months before the opportunity arise. You spend a lot of work to get them on and in the end, you get a small favor and the last spot is open for your new coming band to play.
You get back to the artist and get the great news that they are on.

You just expect that they will be happy and just get the things going. Instead, you get a barrage of different excuses.
-Will they pay for our airfare and hotels?
- Of course not, you are just lucky to get a spot. You wanted to get a break, so take care of the airfares and get an Airbnb.
- What is the backline, did we get a "good" place to play and is it at a good time?
- Probably not, but what is a good spot? You are small so I guess you should just be lucky to start to take the first step. The Backline we have to check later.
-Well, I don't know. It's a lot of money to get over to this festival, is it the right thing to do?
- If I was a fortune teller I might be able to say. But if you don't play you won't win.
- Since it's important maybe we should bring people to quire behind us?
- No make it as simple as possible to save cost, you just told me that you thought it was a lot of money.
- Yes but we sound much better with a drummer and a quire behind us!

Then it just goes on and on and everything is scrutinized in minutes detail. Of course, you lose interest, instead of doing your job you answer questions and clam them down. Every second question is if we are meeting the right people, getting the right stuff. In the end, they will pull off since tehy are uncertain that is the right thing.

People that are doing a career and need a safety belt to do are in reality not put everything on their career.

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