Tuesday, July 31, 2018

This is exactly what you need!

I get so many artists that come here and say they are ready for the next step, bigger stages and so on. You know what they NEVER have their even easiest shit together.
And even with our band, we are interested in they usllay never have this togheter. But it's easy to just complain and not give any advice. Here is advice to improve this.

So my friend Ariel Hyatt runs a par agency called Cyber PR. And she is the best. Many of my pieces of advice and ideas come from her books and knowledge. Now she has this new course that I think every band should join if they are serious to have a career. Yes, I know most bands are mainly just sitting there thinking to find people that should work for them since they have a great song. Still, the people that actually can do that work needs a basic foundation to start doing that work, a good song is not enough. And this course gets you all that.

Some will say but it's costly. Yes it cost to invest in your career nothing is for free, and to be honest top have the whole course is actually cheaper then record that song in a professional way. The mistake people are doing is record the song and then do the pr in a sloppy way. BE professional pay for the course, do your homework and then record the perfect song.

Here is a link to her new course be fast it's just open this week for submissions. I'm actually thinking to take the course myself. Even in my position, there is new things and tricks that you can learn.


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