Thursday, July 26, 2018

Don't piss on the sponsor!

This problem is usually one of the major headaches I have as a manager. I almost see it happens with every artist I work with. And many times I even got myself treated this way.

A kind person wants to help a band and fix a lot of things for them. In the beginning, the band is really thankful for what they are doing and the things actually shoot them off to bigger things. After a while, though they feel that this person is just another person and are not so excited about the things they come up with.

Here I have to keep the relationship up as manager and start to save the relationship. Today one of the more important people called me. He likes one of the bands I have and has done marvelous things in form of sponsorship deal and gig opportunities. In some cases, the band doesn't understand how important it is, in some cases they do. And a couple of months ago he really saved their asses when they need to get into a very important festival.

Of course when he did that he also wanted them on another important festival. He wanted to show them off for some of his hotshot contacts they could have lead to really big things. The band was on for the second festival as well but canceled in the last minute on him.

Why? They had met a new manager that had some gigs in another place and they took these instead. And of course, the band was really happy meeting a new person that can give them gigs. The problem here is that I know these gigs are kinda crappy. They are okay if you don't have other things going on, but here you had a really good and important gig and on top of that a sponsor that could do much bigger stuff in the future.

Couldn't they do both gigs, yes they could but choose to put one off since they were a bit lazy.

On a way, I guess this person for them is just a normal dude that always will do stuff for them. In reality, he was kind of pissed and I had to try to cover for them. In the end, though he chooses to help another artist out for next year since they had handled the cancelation really crappy.

So next time they come around asking for favors (because they will since the new dude they have won't last for long) the sponsor will not do anything. In the end, it's the part of the road that is going downhill. Never piss on a sponsor either how small they are.

I just finished last night part of my genealogical tree. Yes, this also one of my bigger projects. My background is one of the longest family in recorded history. And sometimes I just got stuck in the history and stories around people. I'm trying to do a family tree, but it's so big it won't fit on the wall in the house even with the font 10pp. Right now I'm down on Viking time and seeking out relationships. I guess you have to be geeky to be in this business.

Here are all the weapon shields from my family.

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