Wednesday, July 4, 2018

It is about what is comming,

I have just been through many biographies while we are booking the festival. It strikes me that they bios is often very badly done. I guess you really don't know what to write so I will give you a trick. Write about what is going to happen.

Most write about what has happened but really in most cases the person that is reading very often search for the future.

Don't write about things that we don't care about. That the first line up of the band was with this person and then we changed to that person. As long as this persons are very famous we don't care. it's enough writing the lineup right now.

Don't describe the sound too much. It's okay to write that you re a rock or pop band or EDM or reggae. Only to give a hint about what I expect to hear. Because you really don't need to describe the music like "if Freddie Mercury had a child with Kate Perry and starting doing electronic music". Things like that seem to take overhand. And also many describe their music totally wrong so when you listen you wonder if it was the same band that wrote the bio or some deaf ghostwriter.

What about the future? Well, most of the time we look for things that will happen with the artist. Actually start with a block where you tell what is happening in the nearest future with gigs, giving out music etc. Of course, this can't be on a static homepage since it changes all the time. But if it for a festival you can tell things going on after the festival. One thing, don't forget to add the things to the bio when they have happened.

PERSONAL. I'm usually finding things to slow down in July. But over the years it just has become more and more of everything and now it's busier than ever. It really takes its toll, you are really never off it just keeps going and going. So right now I haven't had a chance to even keep up with my mail. I have over 150 unanswered emails. I guess I have to take care of that before I go to USA tomorrow.

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