Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Face the fear

You have to face your fear. This last conference I held a speech for 10 minutes about Live at Heart. Then a one and a half hour panel debate. Both in English and both with Chinese interpretation. Yes, the interpretation makes it a bit more difficult. I would estimate it was in total around 150 listeners. Also very professional and knowing people from the music industry.

Do I like these speeches? Now yes, but I was really not a big fan of doing presentations or panels when I started. And from time to time I'm still very nervous. But with experience, I'm getting better and better.

It's all about getting exposed to the fear. My travel has taught me a lot of things that before was a fear now totally ok to do.

And it's the same in an artist career. Many say no to things out of fear. It's not stage fright we talk about. Can be other things that are much harder and can stop you from taking that final step. It's not easy, but start facing the fear.

PERSONAL: Today I leave for the USA and touring a bit with The Magnettes on Summerfest in Milwaukee.

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