Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Blind leads blind

I was on a lecture the other day held by the government for bands. I was invited by my band so I was their sort of incognito.

The band had told me that they weren't sure this girl knew what she was doing. Because much of what they got from us was the opposite to what she told them on this semester-course they were taking.

I was kind of astonished. All the things she said were things we did six years ago. Nothing was up to date and much of the information was totally wrong. I was really angry but just kept quiet and then told the band to quit that thing and go somewhere else.
In these kinds of cases there no point of seeking out confrontation. Though, it concerns me that the government gives out so much misleading information to artists and also how much double the work we have to put in just to get things right. Yes, it's really a chaning world and old information is the worst enemy.

My weekend off is really a good thing. I have more time to just slow down. This week though will be kind of hard, people are coming home from vacation and suddenly they need answers on things that have been laying around for a couple of weeks. I guess i'm looking for a busy week in the exotic heat. Yes, it's warm, we just got forbidden to water in the town which is very unusual.

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