Friday, July 20, 2018

Don't overdo the favour

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You just hate them. The artists that really don't fit in your event and are nagging to get in there. Then you get an open spot and just for sake of it, you let that artist through. Suddenly they start demanding things that no other artists get like free booze and their own dressing room and of course special backline.

Suddenly they are demanding to get all the dates times and stages even though the main act hasn't got it yet. in the end, they are more demanding than your headliners.

It's funny they should get that they just got the spot on pure luck and friendship. Now they are getting that friendship really a lot of tension. Later you get all these asking favors next time on other things but you really don't take them again.

Try not to be such a diva if someone gives you an opportunity. You can be the diva when you get famous.


I'm on a University today to listen to songs. It will be fun, most of the time they usually take out other musicians to do this kind of things. In reality, you should take people like me that should actually do the pr for the song. I mean you wont get the guy that put together you iPhone to market that damn thing. No you present the product to the PR team. And over the years most musicians I have had judging things are totally wrong. They like the Iphiobne geek that are excited of a special function that the majority doesn't give a shit about. The best ones to pick out songs in my teams over the year was a guy working in a car factory. He listened to songs in his headåphones every day. He could hear when a song was a hit. Truly a mastermind on that in the end.

This is when musicians try to explain why they have done a bad song that I should market.

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