Wednesday, July 25, 2018

I wonder if I can play at your place!

Hello, we wonder if we could play at your festival. But we have offers from others so we need fast to get an answer so we can take a decision.

These messages come from utterly unknown bands all the time. So the other offer is more important then what I'm booking? Yes, now I really want to book your band, especially since you have offers that are so important that I would change my whole schedule to book your band!

Yes, if you were a headliner you can ask these questions, or if you are already booked. But if you are not even considered so far this is a great way to end up in the wastebasket. I don't know how many I took off that just was a pain in the ass asking for an early confirmation. The festival has their different time limits so try to change these time limits you have to be really important, not an artist that would maybe get booked in the end. Yes, this is the course of being a new small artist. But we have all done that and you are not special enough to jump that stage.

The more funny part is that I usllay just tell them to take the offers that are already clear. Then it comes back that yes but your festival is important for us. Well, you have to take a decision take the smaller gig and miss our festival or play hardball and wait and see if it happens. But with a message like this, I guess you're safer with the small one you already got.

This is why they need a manager. I guess most of these band doesn't see that they make errors that can easily lead them in bad things later. They self-managed artists are usually the worst. I see these quite often out and doing kind of stupid mistakes.
much of the manager's role is to keep all shit like this from the network and just work professionally.
I become really tired of artists acting like a piece of shit

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