Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Yes they will go on pictures!

No, don't take a friend that makes great Instagram pictures to take your band photos! No, don't be damn artistic that you can't know what the pictures are portraying! And for f**k sake, if you don't know how to work with colors and lightning and make then in black and white we just know that it's not good.

I got a phone call from a booker that will take out some bands at our festival. Of course, he has no chance to listen to all 150 bands that are on the site. Instead, he went into the band that he knew and after that those that had great pictures and said something.

- Usually, if the band has a professional picture they usually have a full show.

I could see so many good bands just be overlooked because they haven't taken the time to work with the picture. Yes, it needs to be a good photographer that knows about lightning that should take pictures not your best friend with a system camera. This is what gets people to look on your band in a rooster or a post.

So I will make some examples.

Nice picture? I took it. The Magnettes need a new band picture very fast and they were playing in Visby so we quickly went down to the harbor and did some shots. Yes, I had a flash but only one. This picture you can see is very indie but utterly boring and really the lightning is not good at all. The band looks cool, but they always look cool. Many would consider this a good shot and a good promo picture, but in reality, doesn't hold up the standards. Many bands have just this kind of pictures.

This is more it. A real photographer, real flashes. Also painted with colored light. This tells more about what the band is all about. look on the crisp in the picture. How you can see everything in the picture it's not shaded in the wrong places as the first one. This picture had many bloggers as and the press saying "wow".

Also, don't put a lot of text in the picture with the band logo and shit. This makes it harder for people to use it and in the end, you will lose many opportunities for it.


My crazy schedule keeps on going just go invited to Japan and to the Czech Republic and Canada this autumn. On top of that, I already have been invited to Spain, Austria, and Luxembourg.  I just love the life I live right now. Meeting so many people with different visions and with the same interest in the music industry. I really made my own path to be where I'm.

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