Monday, July 30, 2018


We wanna focus on one market!
Is that country interesting?
That is not a big showcase festival, why should we go there?

I would probably go on and on with stupid comments that are dropped every week from artists that miss the opportunities with a just dumb reason.

Today it was - I'm focusing on the American market. It was dropped by a Canadian artist about going to a Candian showcase. Duh! don't you think that there are almost 50% USA industry people on Candian events? Also even if it was just one, it might be the one that you should meet.
And what is the option? It's not that the artist has an option to go to an American industry event on the same day and choose between them?
So playing like your smart in some way all I can hear is that you don't take an opportunity. that gives me the conclusion that it's not smart to invest in you since you only take very obviously opportunities. The problem with that is the obvious ones is not going to get to you if you don't do the uncertain ones.

I always tell my artists, the day you start turning down opportunities because you don't care or laziness. You are probably ending your career.

Of course, an opportunity is if it is an opportunity. If it is a to big cost to get there and you don't have the money, no then it's not an opportunity. But if it is so far ahead that you can save up to go there suddenly it is an opportunity. And yes in most cases try to grab that opportunity.

Tomorrow it's flea market day (read this weekend, this publish later). I just love flea markets and thrift shops. I'm usually hunting for things that I can turn into garden gnomes ( see the post around that earlier last week). Another thing is comics. But special ones I'm a huge fan of Uti i vår hage, which is a Swedish comic that I always try to hunt for on these markets.

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