Monday, July 16, 2018

This is how you make it hard for people!

Make it simple, don't go and overdo things. Do be too artistic either. I can see it all the time it's the same artists that do these mistakes and they are complaining that it's hard and nothing never works, well, in reality, it's because you have to fit into the system, not the opposite around.

Yes, some rules you can't bend. For example, I think it's okay after a really long night in the pub and you need to pee and you are alone in a park to pee there. The law in Sweden says differently. It is illegal and even if I think it's stupid I have to follow the rules or if someone caught me I will get fined.

rather same here, the rules might be stupid but as soon you break them all sorts of things will start work against you.

The worst thing is to have a name with rather strange signs in them. like when Prince was changing his name to a symbol. Okay, Price was a huge artist and could get away with on some levels, but even him got overrun by people calling him the artist formerly known as prince. And you are not even in the size of Prince and pull this stuff off.

So why are the strange signs so bad? First people will jump them on posters if you start a band called Metällica and you don't have ä on your keyboard people will soon start calling your band Metallica. Then if you are making a hassle around it you will soon be spending more time changing things being a pain in the ass, in the end, people will stop booking you.

´ apostrophes which are very common can even be a pain in the ass. They destroy scrips and other and are frequently taken off.

Still, of course, you can spell your name $tupíd:*** but you have to be open that people will change it. And in some system, it will not even work out. Even to spell your name in capital letters only is REALLY REALLY stupid.

Also, many search engines won't find your name if you use certain letters. Or they need to be so specific spelled that you won't be found.

And don't use a too normal word. I just saw the band MY changing they name to Oh Hey My after being totally unable to be found in search engines.

It's fucking cane day. Yes, I have a rare form of gauge that always keeps me in pain in the whole body. Some days are worse and I I'm hospitalized a couple days a year to get morphine.

I try to not use the cane but sometimes I just have to. Of course, I have the most pimped cane there is. A golden skull cane with eyes that can be lit, and of course you can pull the cane apart and it becomes a sword. Well, it's illegal to have the blade inside so I have removed it.

This is also why I'm counted as handicapped and has several permits for it. It's kind of strange for people from one day see me walk normally to the next almost not get out of bed. It's invisible so it's hard to explain also that I'm one day from another can be classified as severely handicapped. I usually say I get the permit as mentally handicapped. :).

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