Friday, July 27, 2018

This is how people will use the wrong picture, bio etc!

I'm a guitarist but I don't have a guitar! That would be kind of odd. Or even I have shop selling surfing gears but I don't have a logo or any place to store my merchandise.

If you are professional ( and yes if you seek paid gigs or professional gigs I count you as a professional). You need a homepage. Yes, it's not enough with a Facebook or Instagram, you need an official homepage.

I just spent the last three hours looking for official pictures for bands that should play at our festival. You know what, I would love to just take these fuckers off the lineup. They are like the guitarist without a guitar.

In the end, I have to take a chance, I need the picture now and it says in our application that it should be a picture but these suckers haven't bothered to fill in that. So I will take a picture and I bet they will come back and tell me that it's the wrong picture as well.

This also goes with the bio. They don't even put up a short bio on their facebook page and then doesn't have a homepage.

By not having this on a small homepage make you probably lose bookings. Also that the booker thinks you are a pain in the ass and probably won't rebook you.

So if you want things to get to be in the way you like it. Make sure you have them presented to people in the right way. And by that also means if you have a homepage look so you actually can download the picture in full format.

I have been working like a crazy to catch up all things. And like Murphys Law I got sick with gout and had to be sedated with morphine for a day and a half. Now I have to work even more crazy to fill the first one. Well at least having the Morphine kicks are really sweet. I can really understand that you can be addicted to it.

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