Thursday, July 5, 2018

Make more with the spending money.

People love to spend money. Spending them on content on social media is often like throwing money in the fire.

People record songs in expensive studios make costly photoshoots and videos. But the quality is not the reason why people will check your things on social media.

Social media is more about getting many things out during a long time. Spending it on one post is not a wise thing.

Then, of course, you want it to look good. And yes the biggest stars hire professionals to even take their Instagram pictures. You can't compete with that until you have the same amount of followers. To get followers you need to be consistent.

The key is to make it into a story. The audience wants to see the next thing and that has rarely anything to do with the quality of the content, rather what the content contains.

So plan your money in a longterm thing instead of trying to make a big thing when you don't have the massive following.

Kind of excited about everything that is going on. Yes, I have to go back to the start again but it feels alright just as I can find the right material to work with.
I just got offered to join a new venture and it will be fun working on an international project and see where it goes.
As usual, I'm a bit impatient to get things to get started

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