Wednesday, July 11, 2018

The impossible criteria.

I'm looking for an artist with these criteria.
Under 25 years of age.
Open to form their career and find the things that work, meaning not doing a style where you have to look or act a certain way.
Ready to work hard. At least put in four hours of work every day with their career.
Be interested of the business side but still trust other people to their job.
Be positive and see things on the positive side.
Have no attachments to partners, kids, places etc.
Have some sort of sponsor, so not the smallest amount is an issue.
Writing good songs.
Look good and be good to be a star. But not be a diva.

Won't happen I know. But this is how impossible the list is when people ask for me when I should find them business partners.

Waiting on another airport. Quite much time waiting and thinking.
I'm kind of impatient. I want everything to move forward, if not I'm losing focus on it. When I was home a couple of days I saw many of my projects standing still. I have this huge project about my ancestors. I'm building a huge map and things around it and I saw it in my computer and realized I haven't opened it in seven months.
Then I was fixing a thing in the garage and found my box of coco clocks that I should fix.
All my plants have nowadays automatic water systems otherwise they will die since all my time home is to fix things in my work since not all can be done on the road.
My friend just wrote he was leaving for three weeks vacation. I wish I could have a week. Or just a weekend. And maybe someday I will have the chance to do that.
When I get home after traveled for over 27 hours I get 10 hours home until I have to get back on the road. I just love to hear how the people complain how hard they work in their 9 to 5 world.

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