Wednesday, August 1, 2018

As fast as possible is usally the wrong answer!

Suddenly they come and have a song ready, usually a song that should have been ready two months earlier to fit the schedule.

Why is it delayed? Well, the graphics person's rabbit died and he couldn't do it faster. The recording engineer had to go on vacation with his girlfriend and couldn't do it faster and the mastering took time since they hadn't got the right files. All reasons that I really don't care about.

Since it is already delayed most of the chances the PR team dug up is all gone you ask for a new time.

- Do it as fast as possible since we are delayed!

- Well, the delay is your own fault, also there are not real PR options so it's better to push this.

- But we need stuff to market on social media!

- It's the middle of the summer you should be touring and making shows?

- Yes but we where recording so we didn't have time to book the shows! So now we need something to promote.

This will really be an expensive facebook post. Making a song to make a post. Well do a song every post you make, no kidding there is an artist doing that with quite many followers. Still, this is the typical hobby level that you see and probably why bands don't make it later on. When you work in the pro-industry up further a realize is not just put out. It's weeks of preparing and doing stuff, waiting for the right moment and so on. The problem is that the artist is used to just throw things out without any thinking and when it takes the time they become like 5-year-old kids that can't get candy.

Oh, I got my new shelf up where I put all my silly stuff I find on tours. Yes if you read the blog of my birthday where I bought a present in form of a puking elephant, here it is. Actually, the whole office is full of kind of rather strange memorabilia. Yes, there is the hand-carved mask with Bob Marley. We bought it in some strange market somewhere? The crocodile with the hats a Ramones skateboard. The skateboard is part om my Ramones museum, the hats are from different showcase festivals. The Viking helmet has a special story from SXSW when we found a whole stash of liquor and got a real party that ends that we take pictures with the police in Viking hats. Southern Comfort is from The Great Escape party and the cowboy from Midem. Yes give us a hat and we will do crazy things. And in the roof model planes and of course riding with Crazy Frog. The planes are presents to people who spoke on early Trigger things, yes you see me do the T when we meet people from these early conferences. We are a discussion to change the office so I'm really thinking about how we would bring these strange things on?

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