Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Stop being a information junkie

When yes is yes and no is no and doubt you never hear.

A kind of free translation of one of the most famous songs in Sweden "Öppna landskap".

Nike has the slogan "Just do it" and I guess they would be proud of how many times a day I think that seeing how people have doubts and are choosing between the most absurd things. Sometimes it's such stupid things like, you have to choose to get a fork in your eye or get a birthcake. And they actually start thinking about what to choose! Even worse when they start haggling. What kind of birthday cake is it, you know I'm allergic to chocolate so no Swartzvald!

In many cases, the offer is just the offer it is. It can't be switched or changed and if you start doing that you get this proverb: The one who gaps after much often loses the whole piece.

In many cases, it's too much thinking and they need too much information. With the new information society, so many are addicts on information, like Red Hot Pepper sings, A teenage bride with a baby inside getting high on information. Unimportant information is the new drug.

Start be a bit daring and say yes to the cake instead of the fork in the eye.

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