Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Your lack of communication is not my problem!

I just got an email with questions from a manager. The problem is that I answered these exact questions to the artists two weeks ago. It's annoying and just proves that the artist is not professional.

Why the artist? Why not the manager? Well since you have a manager the artist should let this person do their job not go around and make these situations come up. Then, of course, the manager should tell the artist to stop doing it, but as a manager myself I know the artist can be a loose cannon and just do things anyway.

This is the same when you get the same questions from different band members. You send your time sending the same info to the singer, guitarist and the drummer. Well, this I mainly what you did as a manager. And believe me sometimes I have to answer, the manager, the guitarist, the singer and the drummer and by the end realize that it's the bassist that need to get the info.

In so many cases I just want to tell people like this, your lack of commiúnication is really not my problem. Well yes, that will be my answer to the manager.

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