Thursday, August 23, 2018

Feelings and focus, the two traps.

People that do art is usually into more feelings than others.  Or closer to their feelings I would say. Still, these feelings are also one of the bigger problems into a career. Suddenly you must put the feelings aside to do things. The problem is to when to put them aside and when to go with your feeling.

I can count so many times when an artist has had a feeling about something and then later they were so happy that they took that decision. At the same time, I have seen so many lost their feelings around a decision when it didn't happen the way it should.

So it's not just an easy answer. It's like a middle road where you need to check to not being too controlled by your feelings at the same time not losing yourself. Also, the feelings can get you into the other trouble that you want to much things. You want to be in control of the music, the press pictures, the strategies. And also that you want to write a book and paint and so much.

The problem here is the focus. Suddenly you list the focus on the genuine feeling that you had from the beginning. All the other stuff is fun but maybe not relevant. I get many artists that are so unfocused. Trying too many things and run around like chickens on everything.

It's not easy. still, you have to have it in your mind.

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