Friday, August 3, 2018

Who do you thank?

Yes, it's easy to put your name on the front as long as it goes well, but soon you will find you in the back. I guess people many times forgets who to thank and why. Especially if you work behind the scenes. I guess that is why we look after each other and mainly see the artists like something coming and going. The persons behind usually stay.

This is a reality that artists usually forget. The connection is more important than your career. That is why the most successful artists usually have a great ability to see all the people in the room. All from the boss to the secretary to the cleaner. They know that these relationships are more important than their stardom when it comes around and keeps them all seen.

Forgetting a lot of people is a very risky business.

When I worked on a Tv station when I was very young the guy that handled all the artist that came to the program said, it's much better with the old artists that have been around the new shooting stars. The old know how to be humble and nice and that is why they got a long career. The young shooting stars will be just around and usually since that the stardom get to their heads.
And while I was working there he was totally right, the young ones were mainly the divas. The old that was divas they knew about and avoided if it wasn't really necessary.

The monkey in the corner in the office (see picture) has its own story. When we were promoting the band "You Say France & I Whistle". They did their shows with the whole stage full of stuffed animals. It was really cool and full of colors. Still when they were going to a USA tour flying with like four trash bags full of stuffed animals would be crazy expensive. So we thought to buy the animals at a dollar store when we got there. Still, when we got there it was just very small animals for a dollar and we needed a lot to have the big show off that we needed to do. So we found out a stuffed animal importer in the harbor in Los Angels and when we got there drove there and bought stuffed animals. And you could get assorted boxes with animals but you could also put them together in a box, like a pick and choose.

And there was a crazy amount of things so we just took all the stuff that looked weird and where big. In the end, I found the monkey, and if you pressed the belly of it farted. I knew the bass player would love that one obne so we took that as the last animal.

The show was a smash hit and the audience did something that not the Swedish audience did, they went up and started to grab the animals and had a pillow fight with stuffed animals. This was in a bar and animals were flying in the air into the bar, it was really a mayhem. Here is a short video of the whole.

So we lost half the animal there. But the band became the talk of the town and the second show and the show in NYC became legendary. In the end, when we just had a half a box of animals left when we should go home we donated them to a children's hospital. But before that, I rescued the monkey that got a home in the office.

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