Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Tell me about your future!

One of the more fun things to do is to ask very simple direct questions to artists. Usually, the come up to you and describe their music in the way of...we are a band playing psychedelic pop like Kim Karnes and Sonic Youth had a baby that looks like Pete Dorothy.

Of course, that will tell you nothing and it's not even interesting either. I mean I will listen to the great songs later. What I'm interested in is where are you going. and let's pretend this is an elevator pitch ( a fast one you don't have much time). The conversation would be like this:

- So what is your plans?
- We want to release a great song, we are very good and we think we would suit the market.
- Yes, I will listen to the music later, but what is coming up next?
- We gonna start to record an album...
- No one needs an album, besides the music what is the next things with the band?
- What do you mean?

They are so focused to tell me about the music, which I rather hear on later if they are interesting enough to listen to. So this pitch is mainly to tell me what is the key points to get me to be interested to listen to the music. And I can tell you that in 95% of the cases tehy can't tell me anything.

So what is it that I'm after? The music has to be great but that is a later question. The problem is that I assume that you have a great music if you don't have that you are a hopeless case.
I want to know what key steps are you doing put the music aside. Like...

*Are you doing any live shows, any tours? This is nothing you wait for the music to get out to get.
*Taking any new pictures?
* Doing any new videos?
* Any special social media campaigns?
* What are you trying to achieve, what are the goals for the next year and your way to reach there?

A problem that I very often bump into is that people take all these things comes after your releasing music. But in reality, they can be done ahead so you won't be delayed.

Heatwave over Europe and I'm inside with all fans I how stashed over the years. When I can't walk I have almost not been out of the house. So still with all this sun, I look like a Tylenol. And it has been not much of festivals this summer either, just things abroad. Still got some cool stuff off eBay so I'm waiting right now for packages.

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