Monday, May 29, 2017

How much team?

You can almost never get enough team. Usually the problem is to afford them. Still I meet artist that know how much team there is. Many of them think that all this should be done by the manger /record label. I can easy tell you, no it’s not going to happen.

The Magnettes just released their new single “So Bad” and I will just take that as an example how many people that is involved in a release. This is an indie release so it could be much more. But around this is how many they are.

First is their record label. At their desk it’s two people working with The Magnettes with this release. Then it’s us on the management team and we are also two working on this release. Over that they have a booker in USA, Europe and Scandinavia working around the gigs. On top of that we hired a PR team with one person in Sweden, Two in UK and a third in USA. On the side they also have some sponsors, distribution teams doing some stuff so we can add an extra person since not all of them is working full time with The Magnettes.

Here we have 11 people and of course the band of 3 people so in total 14.

And now we haven’t count in the Mixing guy, the video people, the mastering. They did their job before and, still equal important. Count them in 19 people.

When people say they can handle a release by themselves. They actually tell me that they can do 19 peoples job by themselves. Also people ask me if hire a pr team is enough?

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