Friday, May 5, 2017

Just keep going on.

No they actually sees you, the thing is that they just don’t know what to do with your talent right now.

I was that person last night, was visiting a talent show in Stockholm. I meet some business persons that of course I had to talk to.  I was really that music industry person that is in the back of the room just talking during the songs with other persons.

As an artist you probably really hate these situations. Still, you should know that I listened to entire artist during the evening and I know all my associates did the same.

Many think we are uninterested of the artist. And if you play on showcases people also just walk out during your show. It’s not the case. They are all looking and listening, but they also have to maintain a lot of other stuff so it can really look that they don’t care but are really looking.

And no one was seeking you out after the show also doesn’t mean a thing. You can have done the show of your life without knowing it. They might have liked you but don’t know where to fit you in the puzzle yet.

What to do then? No one looked you up? You just keep on going. Next time you play these people might be there again or see you name and remembers this show and this time you might fit in the puzzle.

That is why every show counts. The more shows the better. The worst is the persons that put all their power to one show and hope that people will come down and everything would be fixed. It’s never the case. I know an A&R person that saw an artist 36 times before signing the artist.

So how was the artist last night? Actually really good! Still it was quite much work to get them on the full path to stardom. A time that I don’t have right now. Still when they have fixed these minor problems (witch they will easily do by playing more shows) and then they might fit the puzzle in the future.

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