Tuesday, May 23, 2017

You can’t silence the music.

It happens again that the terror try to get on the music scene. First it was Eagles of Death Metal at Bataclan in Paris this time Ariana Grande in Manchester.  The only thing they try to get I fear. I can’t really see how you can win any supporters by that tactic? Also the latest attack is more against children since Ariana has a younger fan base.

I guess just that is the biggest mistake. This age group is experts on social media. They live and breed it and they can be a very strong asset when it comes to spread the word about how stupid and useless a terror act like this is.

They are told to believe in them self’s and really express their thing and music is one of the most powerful tools to do this. The terrorist thinks they are an easy target but is against a quite big and influential part of the world. These stars have the power to tell their fans to hijack quite much on the internet by cheer numbers.

And I will be part of this resistance with music. I’m going to London tomorrow with The Magnettes who preach the same message to young girls as Ariana Grande. They will tell to stand up for your own voice and don’t let a terrorist try to pull you down.

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