Thursday, May 11, 2017

We against the world, collective thinking.

When you work with bands you get this piece of problem quite often. The whole things should work like a collective mind. In reality the most successful bands usually has divided the work tasks to different members in the band. Still with new band it is not that uncommon with this collective mind.
So what I’m speaking of is that the band act like a group. It’s we against the world. Since that is the case you ask us questions and we discuss them together and give an answer. I get it; it’s very democratic and equal. The problem when you get that democratic you also end up with a lot of bureaucracy.

And this is also a kind of a main reason why people leave a band to make a solo career. Suddenly you don’t have to discuss every single detail in the career.

I actually know labels that don’t want to deal with more then to members in the acts they work with, and they prefer solo acts. And this is the headache it actually brings. If you give a simple suggestion around the cover art it has to go through the whole democratic process. You would imagine that this was much worse in the old days. Not really since we got social media it has become worse. Before you could accept that some decisions was taken without you since you couldn’t be reached. Today that is impossible. Everyone is online and should have a saying. And this can take time and leaves us with a no answer which leads to a frustration that you can’t get a simple answer if it should be Times New Roman in the biography.

I guess it’s a bit fear also. As a member in the band you know that Times New Roman is okay, but still you don’t answer if someone thinks Ariel would be better. But since everyone thinks that way no answer gets back to us. Same thing when you tour. They act like they all should do the same things so it ends up that them actually never leaves the hotel. In the groups I have been working with where it’s divided you have the problem that as soon you get out of your transportation all the members are in different part of the city within five minutes.

Still I prefer the latter, less problem to find people then take care of miserable people.

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