Thursday, May 4, 2017

The way we listen has changed.

I saw this quote from one of my hero in the record industry in Sweden Ola Håkansson saying.
A good song needs the right timing and everything else would fall into place.

It’s totally right, or should I say it was right. Today I’m not sure. The change in the listeners pattern is so changed that it doesn’t really fit. Today is more; build the platform where you have the ability to place the song in the right timing.

Both that everything else would fall into place is hard. Also that without the platform you really can’t do a perfect timing. Of course this was not the problem before when radio and tv dictated what was going through. You only needed a very small network of key people to make it happen.

Today we have to have 10 time’s bigger network or even bigger than that to just achieve 50% of what was done in the smaller network. And many falls off very fast even though they actually put the song in the right timing since the network that use to get things into place is no longer there and spread out.
So the sentence would be changed to: You have to put the song in the right timing several times, then everything would fall into place.

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